“I truly appreciated GTC’s engaging approach. Dr. Kaufman challenged my critical thinking in reframing the whole business model of my startup…. I highly recommend the Catalytic Leaders Lab especially to inspiring entrepreneurs, startups and any organization with a strategic purposeful mission.”

Abdellatif Nacri

Founder. CEO, Totally SME, Inc.

Catalytic Marketing Workshop at AUB broke through a lot of pre-conceptions I had about the industry. It literally framed things in a new light for me. It brought certain ideas of why I buy from one brand over another front and center. For example, I when buying sneakers I tend to drift towards Adidas shoes before anything else without realizing why. After your talk I became aware that its because I love their effort converting plastic from the ocean into sneakers.

Its amazing how a single workshop shifted my mindset, I wonder what an entire course would do.

Nader Aboulhosn

Growth Marketing Expert, Growth Marketing

I am a medical student working on a startup that aims at improving physician-patient communication. I was lucky enough to attend Catalytic Leaders Workshop. Dr. Kaufman was able to improve my pitch after one session! His knowledge and mentoring skills were up-to-date beyond my expectations. He helped me think about my project in a clearer way. Being his mentee is an opportunity that you cannot miss !

Hazar Kanj

5th Year Medical Student, American University of Beirut Medical Center

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