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earth-stop 145 Combined Years in Social Entrepreneurship, Leadership Training, Organizational/Business Transformation, Digital Marketing, Community Development & Leadership, Youth Engagement, and Venture Funding
earth-stop 235 Combined Years in Business Consultation, Education, Training Experience with  Teams of Excellence™
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Values-Based Entrepreneurial Movement (Prezi)          PILOT: LIV Morocco  (PDF)

Team References:

  • US Department of State
  • South Africa Trust
  • Meridian International
  • Save the Children

The Global Transformation Corps (GTC) is the purposefully designed impact initiative of Legacy International, a non-profit organization operating for four decades. GTC efficiently links pools of social impact investors/donors with a pre-screened group of entrepreneurs on a global scale. 

With the launch scheduled for 2020 in the Middle East and North Africa, GTC will bring an Uber-style economic model to the social impact investor/entrepreneur world. This new deeply connected and hi-tech enabled network will fuel vetted ventures and provide sustainable solutions to pressing local, regional and global problems. It will empower and scale unrelated, latent networks of emerging entrepreneurs and expert mentors with committed, compassionate social impact investors and philanthropists.

GTC will propel bankable sustainable ventures worldwide and enhance investor value. Its imperative is to make a significant difference in human progress by realigning our economic system from the short-sighted focus on profit optimization to sustainable Earth-friendly outcomes, supporting the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals Agenda 2030.