GTC Snapshot

Global Transformation Corps (GTC) is a values-based, impact-driven initiative for emerging entrepreneurs (ages 20-40 years) to design, refine and execute social impact ventures. GTC Programs are designed to transform the entrepreneurs’ goal from solely material success to a community-focused Quadruple Bottom Line (people, planet, profit, prosperity).

This initiative is focused on driving large-scale change by creating a worldwide network of social entrepreneurs and innovators to join forces on creating practical, sustainable solutions to the world’s most pressing problems with the result being a sustainable and profitable enterprise.

GTC’s purpose-driven global network propels younger Millennial and Generation Z entrepreneurs to collaborate on social solutions; to use design thinking to build radical innovative business models; and to gain the training and resources necessary to generate practical success for their business initiatives.


By sharing a common purpose –to realign humanity’s ethical compass and fuel positive social outcomes – dynamic shifts can happen.  GTC creates a supportive, safe and trustworthy network that social entrepreneurs can relate to.  This network will assist them in connecting with other like-minded visionary and expert business people to freely innovate; test out their ideas, products and services; and execute new sustainable solutions.


GTC is a hybrid incubator and social enterprise accelerator program combining the power of the network with hands-on training, regular mentoring, and scaling support. The network provides a platform for connecting the three primary sectors needed to launch a successful broad scale movement:

  • entrepreneurs
  • impact investors
  • experts (coaches, mentors, subject matter experts)

In each of the three phases, committed experts and impact investors collaborate to challenge and provide unwavering support to qualified startups and striving ventures.

  • The process begins with the selection and intent of participants to integrate values and purpose through each phase.
  • Interaction with GTC’s purpose-driven functional experts transforms a new generation of “Catalytic Leaders” to integrate reflective and technical skills and best practices to drive breakthrough solutions. They earn certificates after completing the Catalytic Leaders Lab.
  • Businesses are evaluated and refined based on the impact on all stakeholders in a Catalyzer. Social impact ventures execute and refine their business plans and gain second level investment. Selected sustainable enterprises are scaled to expand regionally and create new jobs, economic development and new venues for empowerment. They increase social services, while diminishing the attraction of extremism.

This process distinguishes GTC from traditional incubators and accelerators. Our goal is to significantly reduce the failure rate (from 90% to 60%.)

How GTC Began…

Legacy International is a global non-profit 501-(c) (3) organization based in Virginia and Washington DC, now celebrating 40 years of professional development training for socially responsible global change agents.  Its work is founded on the belief that the most effective, sustainable solutions come from strong civil society and courageous, well-equipped social innovators. Recently, it joined forces with Entwine Digital and other experts in a strategic alliance to create the GTC initiative. www.legacyintl.org

Entwine Digital was established in 2006 as a values-driven digital marketing and transformation boutique group. Led by Dr. Ira Kaufman, its Transformation Academy has assembled a global team to empower executives and aspiring entrepreneurs with purposeful, impact-driven leadership and digital strategies that transform organizations, catalyze change, and generate sustained growth. Dr. Kaufman is co-author of Digital Marketing: Integrating Strategy and Tactics with Values (2nd edition) and  Our World is Broken…We Need to Fix It!  ..Path to Strategic Harmony (expected 2019).  www.entwinedigital.com; www.transformationacademy.co

Dr. Stephen L. Gomes, President of Gomes and Company, a long established business consulting firm, and former Business Professor at SUNY- Stony Brook- Korea Campus and Maastricht School of Management- Netherlands, is Co-Chair to Legacy International’s Board of Advisors.  He serves as Funding Development Lead for GTCDr. Gomes brings a unique blend of expertise in five interrelated worlds to GTC: Business Education, Start-up Management, Technology Commercialization, Impact Investing, and Strategic Alliances (profit and not-for-profit).


Website: www.gtcorps.com

Jason Scott, Director of Innovation & Entrepreneurship,  jscott@legacyintl.org; (215) 327-9358

Dr Ira Kaufman, Director, Transformation Academy, ira@transformationacademy.co; 540 875 8510