Great post from Dr. Ira Kaufman, Legacy International Ventures Founder on digital disruption for your business and organizations.

It all starts with Disruption…resist it or embrace it!

  1. Blow up your business models, dismantle systems
  2. Deconstruct your fixed assumptions, deep-rooted beliefs
  3. Transform mindset, culture…live your values

Ira Kaufman PhD is a Digital Transformation Strategist, CEO, Social Entrepreneur and Educator. His company, Entwine Digital, has been working with midsize and multinationals to train World Class Digital Leaders. His team is collaborating with Lynchburg College School of Business and Economics (ranked #4 for North American programs in Leadership Development) and Legacy International (NGO specializing in training future leaders) to launch Institute for Transformative Leadership to provide training for executives, managers and emerging leaders in the Network Economy.