New organization to combine power of digital technology to end poverty with robust networks of women’s self-help groups in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Yesterday, Grameen and Freedom from Hunger joined forces. They are leveraging their resources and the power of DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY to end poverty. As a leader in digital innovation to end poverty, the Grameen foundation can leverage it’s resources to make a real impact on issues of poverty around the world.

Grameen Foundation and Freedom from Hunger, two global leaders in the fight to end poverty, announced that they are joining forces to form a single unified global organization. Under the banner of Grameen Foundation the combined organization will be able to reach more people across the spectrum of poverty, while deepening the focus on the very poor, especially women, its leaders say.

Today, Grameen Bank founder and Nobel Peace Prize winner will be speaking at George Washington University and members from the LIV team will be there to learn and share insights into the power of digital technology on addressing social problems around the globe.