How might we advance digital inclusion and 21st-century tech skills for all to succeed in the innovation economy?

The Points of Light Spring 2018 Civic Accelerator is a 10-week entrepreneur boot camp and investment fund – will accelerate 10-15 innovative, scalable ventures that bridge the digital divide and fill the growing digital talent pipeline through:

  • Equipping the Next Generation: Developing tech capabilities among k-12 students to prepare for tomorrow’s workplace
  • Digital Skills for Economic Mobility: Increasing employability and access to high-wage opportunities for working adults across gender, race, class and geographies
  • Addressing Workplace Automation: Technical upskilling, on-site education and credentialing in industries undergoing digitization
  • Access to Digital Services: Affordable, equitable access to digital products and services for marginalized populations

Spring 2018 Civic Accelerator – Apply Now