This Economist article explores issues of youth unemployment around the globe.

Joblessness matters for several reasons. First, it is miserable for those concerned. Second, it is a waste of human potential. Time spent e-mailing CVs or lying dejected on the sofa is time not spent fixing boilers, laying cables or building a business. Third, it is fiscally ruinous. If the young cannot get a foot on the career ladder, it is hard to see how in time they will be able to support the swelling number of pensioners. Fourth, joblessness can become self-perpetuating. The longer people are out of work, the more their skills and their self-confidence atrophy, the less appealing they look to potential employers and the more likely they are to give up and subsist on the dole.

aaeaaqaaaaaaaarraaaajdi4mtcxogrmltk3otetnguxys05m2mxlwizmthkody5otbjzaThe MENA Region needs 100 million jobs by 2020 (World Bank). Legacy International has tapped into its extensive history of quality programming to develop a values-based social entrepreneurial movement that generates jobs and positive social impact in the MENA region.

Through our values-based entrepreneurship program we are offering to young people across the region we hope to have an impact on filling that need.