Catalytic Leaders Lab

Value proposition: Catalytic Leaders Lab is intensive leadership capacity building that challenges NextGen entrepreneurs to build and scale impact ventures with measurable sustainable outcomes.

Participants: NextGen entrepreneurs (20-40 years) of existing startups with a demonstrated commitment to sustainable impact ventures. Some 20-30 participants will be selected from host countries in the MENA and Gulf regions through GTC and host partner networks.

Experts: Selected experts – entrepreneurs, digital marketers, organizational strategists, leadership trainers, business coaches and impact investors will guide, support and coach participants.


  • Infuse purpose and stakeholder experience as win–win strategies into company culture and operations
  • Integrate transformative methodologies into business models – social canvas, catalytic mindset, purposeful data analytics, and social return on investment
  • Evaluate outcomes with Sustainable Impact Indicators- People, Planet, Profit, Prosperity
  • Gain certification and provide intense challenges to pitch deck


Part 1: Local Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Part 2: Purposeful Business Model

Part 3: Upskill Functional Strategies

Part 4:  Pitch Deck Disruption

Part 5:  Social Impact Pitch Challenge


Part 1: Local Entrepreneurial Ecosystem  

  • Determine country’s unique entrepreneurial ecosystem
  • Survey entrepreneur’s needs to customize Catalytic Leaders Lab

Part 2: Purposeful Business Model (in person-7 days)

Goal – Integrate Values into Your Business Model

Module 1:  Shifting the Paradigm

R(E)volution… Disruptive technologies World 4.0, OldCo to NewCo

Module 2: Knowing Yourself
Self-reflection, personal values, TEST Values, personal brand, reflective skills, Emotional Intelligence quotients, Collaboration

Module 3:  Knowing your Space … Local, Regional and Global
Rising Voices, changing political landscape and economic models

Outcome- Powering business model- meeting your values and targets’ needs

Goal – Align Organizational Culture with Business Model

Module 4:  Fueling your Purpose  

Transformative Why; values-infused and sustainable mission; love and power strategies.

Mod ule 5:  Driving Catalytic Thinking

Catalytic mindset fuels continuous innovation; redefines leadership  

Outcome – Transform mindset

Goal – Challenge Current Business Model

Module 6: Disrupting Innovation

Purpose, active listening, exponential impact, shared network, digital technologies.

Module 7: Transforming Business Models

Design thinking, Lean Canvas & Methodologies, stakeholder-centric

Outcome – Revise Business Model and Pitch

Certification qualification: all participants and their social impact ventures will we evaluated to qualify for continuing with Parts 3-5.

Part 3: Upskill Functional Strategies (4 weeks mentored online webinars)

Goal – Upgrade Business Strategies 

Module 8: Integrated Digital Marketing Plan

Stakeholder centric marketing, augmented media, optimized, value-adding supply chain

Purposeful branding blueprint, Customer Involvement Cycle

Module 9: Organization Plan

Innovation engine, harmonious culture, talent strategy,

Module 10: Finance Plan

Evaluation, Profit and loss, cashflow analysis Sustainable Impact Indicators.

Module 11: IT/Data Plan

Data-driven decision-making, monitoring, data analytics, security, Artificial Intelligence, APs

Outcome – Integrate upgraded strategies into social impact pitch deck

Part 4:  Pitch Deck Disruption (4 days in person)

Goal – Gain Expert Feedback on Pitch Deck

Module 12: Challenging your Business Canvas

Confront customer experience- unfair-advantage, sample digitally driven canvases

 Module 13: “Destroying” your Social Impact Pitch Deck

Teams and Impact Investors confront assumptions, target gaps, marketing strategy, organizational culture and financial design

Module 14: Preparing your Pitch
From purposeful presence to transformative storytelling, presentation and pitch.

Sustainable impact indicator criteria used for evaluation.

Outcome – Transform Pitch and Deck

Part 5:  Social Impact Pitch Challenge (3 days in person)

Goal – Offer Pitch Competition and Feedback

Round 1 – All pitches (30-minutes) evaluated by impact investors and expert coaches

Top eight pitches – qualify for funding

Round 2 – Final pitch placements

Outcome- #1 placement receives $15K, #2 receives $10K, and #3 receives $5K

Certificates Impact (Catalytic Leadership- capacity building) and Sustainable Business (impact driven business model). Double certification (Impact & Sustainable Business)


Takeaways, Lab design evaluation, outcomes