Founders’ Background

Legacy International  is a global non-profit 501-(c) (3) organization based in Virginia and Washington DC, now celebrating 40 years of professional development work with socially responsible global change agents. Founded by J.E. Rash, a futurist, entrepreneur, and spiritual visionary, Legacy has become a global leader in helping people to create positive legacies for future generations facing planetary challenges. Fifty years ago, JE put forward the concept of Practical idealism as a foundation for social innovation and responsibility for people and planet. A concept made real in his founding of one of the oldest intentional spiritual communities in the US, The World Community. Mr. Rash’s direction of these organizations has shaped innovative global learning communities rooted in the practical application of universal values in daily life. Recently, Legacy joined forces with Entwine Digital and other experts in a strategic alliance to create the GTC initiative.

Entwine Digital was established in 2006 as a values-driven digital marketing and transformation boutique group. Led by Dr. Ira Kaufman, its Transformation Academy has assembled a global team to empower executives and aspiring entrepreneurs with purposeful, impact-driven leadership and digital strategies that transform organizations, catalyze change, and generate sustained growth. Dr. Kaufman is co-author ofDigital Marketing: Integrating Strategy and Tactics with Values (2nd edition) and Our World is Broken…We Need to Fix It!: Path to Strategic Harmony(expected 2019).;

Gomes and Company is a long-established business/technology consulting firm founded by Dr. Stephen L. Gomes, former Silicon Valley hi-tech company CEO and Professor at Business Schools on four continents. He is a serial entrepreneur who is intimately familiar with the complexities of investor networks and how to successfully guide them.  He is a current member of University of Texas, IC2 Institute (Innovation, Capital and Creativity) and was an understudy of Dr. George Kozmetsky, recipient of the National Medal of Technology for development of 100+ technology-based companies in Austin, Texas. Dr. Gomes brings a unique blend of expertise in Strategic Planning, Start-up Management, Technology Commercialization, Impact Investing, and Key Influencer Investor Networks (KINS).

Aissa Azzouzi, an executive and entrepreneur, has worked on five continents during the past 30 years. He has held senior roles as CFO/COO, Director of Strategy & ICT as well as CRO (Chief Risk Officer) in the IT and Professional Services, nonprofit sector and with publicly listed companies. Aissa has applied his expertise to launch startups and accelerate social ventures. He founded Growth Train Africa, a social entrepreneurship accelerator in Morocco, to contribute to creating the entrepreneurial ecosystem in North and West Africa. He is developing the SDG Tracker to assess the social impact of enterprises and donor agencies.



J.E. Rash, President, Legacy International,; 540-297-8701

Dr Ira Kaufman, Director, Transformation Academy,; 540-875-8510

Dr Stephen L. Gomes, President, Gomes and Company,; 425-466-9022