MENA Region Program

Middle East North Africa Program


Global Transformation Corps (GTC) transforms emerging entrepreneurs (ages 20-40 years) into catalysts for change with the skills and resources necessary to generate a global network of sustainable ventures. It shifts the entrepreneurs’ goal from solely material success to a community-focused quadruple bottom line (people, planet, profit, and prosperity).

GTC’s initiative is focused on driving large-scale change by creating a worldwide network of social entrepreneurs and innovators to join forces on creating practical, sustainable solutions to the world’s most pressing problems. GTC’s purpose-driven global network propels emerging entrepreneurs to collaborate on social solutions; to use design thinking to build radical innovative business models; and to gain the training and resources necessary to generate practical success for their social impact business initiatives.

Social Impact Program

GTC’s Social Impact Pipeline is an intensive and demanding platform for in-country emerging entrepreneurs that will shape their collective future with bankable and scalable social impact ventures.

The three-phase program includes in-country design and sourcing of qualified entrepreneurs, five weeks of training both in person and online through the Catalytic Leaders Lab, and another week of rigorous pitch preparation, a social impact pitch challenge, and access to additional ongoing coaching and support.

The top three winners receive financial awards and all graduates qualify for certifications on impact and sustainable business models as well as showcasing their venture on the Swiss Impact Investment Association (SIAA) Impact Network.

Phase One: Intent (3-month In-country Design and Sourcing)

  • Determine needs of entrepreneurship ecosystem through research, survey, and focus groups.
  • Source emerging entrepreneurs (ages 20- 40 years) of ongoing startups and purposeful companies, impact investments, and projects.
  • Qualify 30 social entrepreneurs to attend the Catalytic Leadership Lab event held in the host city.
  • GTC and SIIA in cooperation with the local host.

Phase Two: Transform (5-week Catalytic Leaders Lab)

  • Purposeful Business Model Design 7 days in-person focusing on values and purpose that power business model.
  • Upskill Functional Strategies – 4 weeks online coaching and webinars transform participating entrepreneurs from a sole focus on traditional profit-making to a stakeholder focus on integrated quadruple bottom line.
  • Qualify social entrepreneurs for certificate and next phase.
  • GTC and Transformation Academy in cooperation with local host.

Phase Three: Impact (7-day Social Impact Pitch Challenge + Catalyzer)

  • Four-day disruption workshop on pitch deck preparation with impact investors and a 3 -day social impact pitch challenge. The top three winners receive cash prizes.
  • Certificates awarded.
  • Catalyzer – ongoing coaching and networking for qualified participants to showcase their venture; gain access to impact investors; scale venture with network contacts; and retain coaching relationship for ongoing advice.
  • GTC and Transformation Academy in cooperation with SIIA.


  • Provide 30 local social entrepreneurs with skills and resources to increase success.
  • Provide NextGen entrepreneurs with engaging opportunities to sustain and diversify their local economy.
  • Reduce the risk of investment in social ventures through intense training and certification.


Months 1 -3 In-country design and sourcing; Work with in-country partner to for event logistics; Select 30 next generation entrepreneurs to participate in the program; Adapt training modules and curriculum for specific issues facing local communities.
Month 4 Catalytic Leaders Lab 7-day Purposeful Business Model Training
Month 5 Catalytic Leaders Lab Online Coaching and Courses
Month 6+ 7-day Social Impact Pitch Challenge + Catalyzer


Budget Summary

Major Cost Elements:  


The mission of Legacy International is to equip emerging leaders to transform their vision and values into sustainable success. We train, mentor and support community leaders, educators, youths, professionals, and governmental and non-governmental administrators as they develop and implement practical, community-based solutions to critical issues. Founded in 1979, Legacy International is a 501(c)3 U.S. non-profit, non-governmental organization and has Special ECOSOC status with the United Nations. Legacy International has completed projects with partners on five continents and worked in and/or with individuals from 119 countries.

Entwine Digital was established in 2006 as a values-driven digital marketing and transformation boutique group. Led by Dr. Ira Kaufman, its Transformation Academyhas assembled a global team to empower executives and aspiring entrepreneurs with purposeful, impact-driven leadership and digital strategies that transform organizations, catalyze change, and generate sustained growth. Kaufman is co-author of Digital Marketing: Integrating Strategy and Tactics with Values (2nd edition) and  Our World is Broken…We Need to Fix It! Path to Strategic Harmony (expected 2019).;

Swiss Impact Investment Association (SIIA) is a non-profit association in Zug with a mission to showcase investments and companies with societal impact. SIIA is a platform for best practice impact investments that seek credible risk, return and impact investment opportunities to showcase. SIIA envision a society in which the quest for economic profit solves rather than creates social and environmental pressure. Entrepreneurship, capital, and impact are essential ingredients for a prosperous society and healthy economy. Entrepreneurs and investors matter more than ever because they choose the purpose of the businesses they run and financially support.


  • Host (in country) – To be determined