Legacy International is an NGO that trains multi-national social impact entrepreneurs. Legacy partnered with the Transformation Academy‘s global network of value-driven investors and experts to form GTC. GTC invited two socially conscious strategists to join the founding group; Aissa Azzouzi, senior executive in the for profit and nonprofit sectors with expertise in impact measurement, monitoring and evaluation, and Stephen Gomes, investor network initiator using the Keiretsu Forum capital model of matching angel investors with pre-screened entrepreneurs.

This powerful GTC collaboration will drive transformation. It addresses a pressing unmet need in the social impact investing movement that was holding back global progress. For the first time, GTC will systematically link RESOURCES (social impact investors) to VENTURES (pre-vetted social impact entrepreneurs). This purpose driven network will challenge entrepreneurs while delivering ongoing MENTORING/SUPPORT (online, offline).  The result: less risk for the impact investor and increased success rate of sustainable ventures, by: 

  • pre-screening and qualifying entrepreneurs, challenging ventures with investor criteria;
  • expanding capacity with reflective, analytical & project execution skillsets;
  • collaborating with a diverse team to produce transformative business models;
  • providing long-term mentoring for sustaining, financing and scaling ventures;
  • evaluating ventures with exclusively developed social impact assessment system.


By sharing a common purpose – to realign humanity’s ethical compass and fuel positive social outcomes – GTC intends to augment transformation in targeted regions globally. GTC will create a supportive and transparent network that will produce sustained value for both Next Generation entrepreneurs and social impact investors. It is based on our principle of the Quadruple Bottom Line that will generate value for:

  • People (consumers, employees)
  • Planet (sustainable impact)
  • Profit (investors, company stakeholders)
  • Prosperity (community)

This network will assist them in connecting with other like-minded changemakers and expert businesspeople to freely innovate; share ideas; test products and services; and scale sustainable solutions.


The GTC initiative will combine the power of networks with hands-on learning and continuous mentoring. It has three phases: Mobilize Intention; Transform Capacity; Scale Impact.    

In each of the three phases, committed experts and impact investors collaborate to challenge and provide unwavering support to qualified startups and striving ventures:

  • Intend – Selection of participants who intend to integrate values and purpose throughout their operations.  
  • Transform- Interaction with purpose-driven functional experts transforms a new generation of Catalytic Leaders to integrate reflective and technical skills and best practices to drive breakthrough solutions. They earn certificates after completing the Catalytic Leaders Lab.
  • Impact- In the Catalyzer, mentors and experts interact (online, in person) with qualified social impact ventures to execute and refine their business models and gain second level investment. Selected sustainable enterprises are evaluated based on impacting all stakeholders. They are scaled to expand regionally and create jobs, economic development and new venues for empowerment while diminishing the attraction of extremism.

The Catalyzer distinguishes GTC from traditional incubators and accelerators by qualifying social impact ventures (at three stages) and by providing continuing support during execution and scaling, with the goal of reducing investment risk.