Why the MENA Region

The Role of Global Transformation Corps – Why MENA, Why GCC, Why Now? 

We are all aware that “The swiftly spreading Fourth Industrial Revolution – a dramatic change that involves a range of new technologies that are fusing the physical, digital, and biological worlds, impacting all disciplines, economies, and industries – provides new opportunities that can support growth.” World Economic Forum President Børge Brende

Recently, the Prime Minister of Lebanon pointed out that “digitization is one of the primary building blocks for national prosperity”, adding that “a digitized nation is simply more intelligent and we all need to work together, cooperate and coordinate on this issue.” His words echo realities from Tunisia to the GCC, that to empower a nation’s entrepreneurs, it is critical to not only incorporate new technologies and business practices but to build a new consciousness of the role of entrepreneurs in their countries’ transformation.  

The formula is clear, to combat unemployment and create valuable jobs, technological transformation is a tool that supports the growth of businesses, drawing more investments, and creating opportunities for jobs and companies, if it drives the bottom line to include the 4 Ps: profit, people, prosperity, and profiteroles. As Philippe Le Houérou of the IFC pointed out, the need for MENA and GCC is “entrepreneurship and diversification [that] will be key to enabling Arab societies to thrive and prosper in the coming decades. Arab World Competitiveness Report 2017 

Enter the Global Transformation Corps! The challenges of sustainable economic growth and meaningful employment are common throughout MENA and the Gulf, yet available programs centered around subsidies and grants seldom build sustainable businesses. What is needed is to incorporate digital transformation as a tool to both redefine transactional relations and create a values-centered approach that considers relationships with the customer, community, and employees central to the company’s mission. This is the mission of the Global Transformation Corps (GTC), dedicated to producing the next generation of private sector leaders in business and the NGO community who integrate a values-based, impact-driven approach to build social impact ventures that are profitable for the company, the community, and the planet. Thus, we chose to launch GTC in the MENA and GCC region.